Wall Street is gambling on the world's food supply.
The Result: inflated food and energy prices and deepening global hunger.
Recent reforms were not enough. It's time to stop reckless speculation and bring back common sense rules to commodity markets.


Myths and facts about commodity speculation

The Commodity Markets Oversight Coalition (CMOC), an alliance of commodity derivatives end-users and consumers, has compiled an excellent list of commonly held myths about … [Read More...]

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Oxfam Germany releases new report on German banks speculating on food commodities

"Taken together, German financial institutions are responsible for one sixth of the total global investment volume in agricultural commodities, which is estimated by the Barclays … [Read More...]

BNP Paribas challenged over food speculation

On Wednesday Friends of the Earth Europe and Friends of the Earth France challenged BNP Paribas (BNPP)--a major player in global agricultural and energy markets, offering many … [Read More...]

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Divestment Campaign

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Barclays admits that speculation influences prices

In its February 2012 report on commodity investments, Barclays admitted that an increase in commodity speculation leads to increased prices. The report lists three main causes of … [Read More...]

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